The Future, Like the Past, is Transfeminist: Looking Back to Stonewall and Ahead with Non Una di Meno

Non Una di Meno

Language is not only a social institution or a means of communication, but also an element central to the construction of identities, both individual and collective. Italian is a sexed, or gendered, language, which beginning with its grammar reproduces and institutes a rigid binarism of gender (between nouns, pronouns, and adjectives that change depending on if they are masculine or feminine) and a specific hierarchy, in which the masculine predominates, presented as universal or neutral. In this Plan, we have chosen to unveil the non-neutrality of the masculine, using not only the feminine but also the at sign to signify the irreducibility and the range of our differences. Conscious of the fact that languages transform and evolve, we seek to make our language inclusive so that it can take on new words with which we might tell our stories and change our imaginations.




Assemblea territoriale di Potere al Popolo negli Stati Uniti

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Potere al Popolo | Stati Uniti

Potere al Popolo | Stati Uniti

Assemblea territoriale di Potere al Popolo negli Stati Uniti

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